Conflict Resolution by Leah Farish

Civil Rights Attorney, Leah Farish, gives practical advice on how to resolve conflicts – big or small. Speaking for years of practice in litigation, Ms. Farish shares her expertise in a straight forward manner that is both interesting and implementable.

Good Leader vs Bad Leader by Leah Farish

What qualities make a good leader? How does someone become a good leader? Civil Rights Attorney, Leah Farish discusses the qualities of a good leader and how to incorporate those qualities into your leadership abilities to become the best leader you can be.

Ethical Training Practices by Mike Cunningham

If you want stellar employees who will work as a team to make your organization a success, you must use ethical training practices. Mike will show you how to successfully train employees with integrity for long term productivity.

Ethical Framework for Business by Mike Cunningham

Want to grow a business with a solid foundation that will cause customers to continue to come back to you? Want a business where employees will be satisfied? Mike Cunningham tells you how to lay a solid foundation for business growth that will do just that – attract customers and increase employee satisfaction

Ethical Leadership for an Organization by Mike Cunningham

Become the leader you have always admired. Lead your team in such a way that they will want to follow. Mike Cunningham will show you how.

Right or Wrong by Tammy Schneider

Determining what is right or wrong can be difficult at times. Not all of life’s issues are clearly defined. Tammy Schneider helps us through the process to make clear decisions based on sound ethical practices

Honesty at Work by Tammy Schneider

Employers look for employees they can trust. A trusting relationship in your work environment will enable you to develop work skills, gain experience and get promoted. Tammy will show you how to develop a relationship of trust you can become an invaluable employee poised for promotion.

The Value of a Volunteer by Nancy Huff

Does your organization need volunteers? Nancy tells you how to find volunteers, how to keep them busy and how to retain them for service. The manager of a nonprofit, Nancy’s organization, Teach the Children International has operated by its volunteer force.

Volunteers – How to find them and how to keep them by Nancy Huff

Volunteers for a nonprofit organization are vital to its operation. Some skills are needed to assist the nonprofit manager to find and keep volunteers on your team. Nancy shares with you some insights that are essential to any nonprofit.

Teach Your Child to Succeed

Nancy shares some practical advice on how to instill in students the love of learning.