Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Teach the Children has always been committed to meeting the physical needs of children and their families. Our first ocean-going container of humanitarian aid was sent in 2000 to the Sahrawi refugees who live in the Sahara Desert near Tindouf, Algeria. Since that time, TCI has facilitated the collection and sending of over 40 ocean containers to various parts of the world.

“The first container was the hardest,” Nancy says. “I never thought I would do another one after that initial one. Then there was a telephone call and a request for more aid and we were off and going on a second 40 foot container of aid.  The rest is history.”

Networking is the key. One organization rarely has everything but by working together we can gather the resources to help children whatever their need might be. Teach the Children International is  relatively small organization that is adept at networking with other organizations to get donated items to send to those who have needs. We believe that Jesus commissioned us to help those in need.

Sahrawi who live in Tindouf, Algeria

The Sahrawi who live in Algeria exist solely on humanitarian aid that comes to them from the outside world. Teach the Children was blessed to be able to work with such a lovely group of people as the Sahrawis. Our hope is that someday they will no longer have to live in the desert tents but will be able to rest in their own homes in their homeland.


Once when Nancy was in a country in sub Sahara Africa, she witnessed a handicapped man who had to use his hands to move around, his withered feet dragging along behind him. He had no wheelchair nor did he have any hope of getting even the simplest aids to help him become more mobile. It was then that Nancy purposed to help those she could by finding wheelchairs and then getting them to those in need.

So far, Teach the Children has facilitated the sending of containers of wheel chairs to some of the neediest nations in Africa and Asia.


Operation Christmas Child Goes to the Camps

Rotary International has been one of our sources of medical supplies. They have given us medical equipment for Serbia, Algeria and North Korea. We are privileged to be a part of the local Rotary Club that sponsors the Medical Supplies Network.

Medicines for South Sudan

Nancy recalls, “I will never forget going through a delivery room in a hospital in Sub-Sahara Africa and listening to the nurse talk about how many mothers they lost from the lack of a medicine that cost less than $.25. It was heart breaking. I purposed to find meds for those mothers and I did.”

Here I am delivering boxes of medicines to a  doctor in a remote area of South Sudan.

Mammogram Machines

In 2007, TCI facilitated bringing together Dr.  Richard Hirsh, a  radiologist  who lives in Ohio, with  Princess Katherine of Serbia  and  Former First  Lady  Vilma Trakjvaska of Macedonia. Princess  Katherine’s  organization,  Lifeline, and Vilma’s organization, Boris  Trakjvasai  Memorial  Foundation, each received a new  mammogram machine. Dr.  Hirsh  followed up the donations with  teams of medical doctors who  trained  nationals on how to use the machines.

Organizations with whom Teach the Children has partnered to send Humanitarian Aid:

Rotary International

Kingsway Charities

GAIN Germany

Samaritan’s Purse

Operation Christmas Child

United Methodist Relief

Victory Christian Center

Shelter Now International

Christian Relief Services

Lion Raisin

Gleanings for the Hungry

Stop Hunger Now