Nancy at Desk October 6, 2013

On Monday, October 21, 2013, a 12 year-old middle school student in the small town of Sparks, Nevada, took a gun to school and opened fire killing one teacher and injuring two students before turning the gun on himself. Tuesday, October 22, 2013, in Massachusetts, a fourteen year-old student attacked his 24 year-old mathematics teacher with a box-blade cutter, killing her. He disposed of her body in a wooded area near the school. On October 24, 2013, an eleven year-old boy at Frontier Middle School located in Vancouver, Washington was arrested for bringing a gun and 400 rounds of ammunition to school. He allegedly was intending to shoot a classmate who bullied his friend and

called him “gay.” Events like these are every day occurrences in our schools. Who is really to blame? Certainly the children are responsible for their actions but what spiritual authority rules over the educational system that allows the atrocities that we have seen in our schools over the past fifty plus years?

Our modern day schools run a continual ticker tape of incidences of violence that take place on  a regular basis in the classrooms. Sad to say, the crimes that make the headlines are usually gun/death related, and the thousands upon thousands of assaults on teachers, assaults by teachers, thefts, incidents of vandalism, rapes by teachers, rapes of teachers, rapes of students by students, etc. are never revealed to the general public. We already know that the situation is dire


but we secretly hope that “it is not as bad as we think.” It would be over simplistic to attribute all the instances of violence to bad teachers, guns, emotional problems in students, ADHD, emotional disturbances, overworked teachers, crowded classrooms, drugs or the many other issues our public schools face. To deal with these issues are to deal with symptoms. America needs intercessors who will dig deep into what is happening and deal with the spiritual darkness that is the root cause of what is happening in our schools.

At the memorial service for the dead 45 year-old mathematics teacher in Sparks, Nevada, Julia Rubin from Reno’s Temple Sinai said, “We pray after we have mourned and comforted each other we can take steps to address the root cause of violence and gun use by children throughout our country.” Yes, Ms Rubin has the correct approach – that we address the “root” cause of violence and gun use by children. That is exactly what we need to do. But first of all we need a prayer strategy so those who pray can do so effectively and address the idolatrous roots of secular humanism that have held our educational system in bondage for over 150 years. Only then will we witness our schools being redeemed.

We are in a spiritual war for the soul of our nation. There is a call to push back the forces of darkness, deal with roots that have held us in bondage and allow our children to be set free. Only then will our classrooms be set free and our children educated not only in knowledge but also in Spiritual Knowledge.