Making Lists

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Recently I took my two-year-old grandson, Hudson, to get a haircut. The hairdresser asked him if he wanted to sit in a fire engine or a New York Taxi for the haircut. He chose the Taxi. With his head perfectly still while the scissors clipped away, we had the following conversation: “Nannie, when we get through with my hair cut, can we go to the candy store?” Ordinarily I would have told him that as soon as he popped out of that chair, we would head to the candy store, but I couldn’t today, because his mom...

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LaAyoune Children Meet President of Commission for Human Rights

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 On Wednesday May 20th children from Allal Ben Abdellah secondary school visited the regional human rights office in LaAyoune. Mr.Cherkaoui Mohamed Salem president of the commission welcomed the students and had a warm discussion on the various roles and duties of his office, he also made a short presentation on the work carried out by his office in order to protect children’s rights in Sahara region in Morocco. Mr. Cherkaoui added that children are at the core of interest of the work of the national...

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Morocco Meets to Improve the Rights of the Child

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The regional commission on human rights Laayoune-Smara represented by its chairperson Mr. Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui in the first regional meeting on children’s rights. The meeting is organized by Children’s Parliament in coordination with National Observatory of Child’s Rights whose president is princess Lala Mariam sister of king Mohamed VI. , the hosts showed a film that presented the actions of the National Observatory of Child Rights in Morocco to improve child rights. This was followed by...

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Week 14 Nfl Power Rankings

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May well an easy team to root needed for. Colorado Rockies did start to use the cigar box to keep the baseball soon after put software luke maile jersey mens program into an equipment which is keep an endless moisture. During that time he won an appealing games more than runner up ryne stanek jersey authentic Walter Johnson. He can block a DE well enough when engaged solidly, though he has his moments when he misses a block and allows didi gregorius jersey authentic speed rushers to blow by him and jordan...

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Backpack Blessing for the Sahrawi Children

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When I learned that many of the Sahrawi children who return from the refugee camps do not go to school, I asked, “Why?” I learned that the main reason is because their families do not have the money to purchase the school supplies and the workbooks that the child needs to enroll in school. One of the TCI goals is to purchase 100 backpacks for Sahrawi children by August 2013. This is the time they enroll in school for the 2013-2014 school year. If you would like to help us supply the Sahrawi children with...

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A DeJa vu Moment

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In February 2013, I had a déjá vu moment. It was while visiting an after school Bible Club. My friend Sherrill Cressman (and TCI Board Member) teaches at McClure Elementary. Sherrill and fellow teacher, Chloe Brown, started an after school Bible club, which has over 50 children in it – an outstanding accomplishment. Sherrill asked if I would come and teach the children in their Bible Club to do balloon tying. Tying balloons was one of the outreach tools I taught my Junior High Bible class (many years ago)....

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