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Everyone knows that America’s Educational system is in trouble but few offer solutions for the possibility of redemption. We know we need to pray but often we don’t know how or what to pray. Taking the Mountain of Education is written for those who want to pray informed prayers that will target the root problems of the issues we face in American Education. Ten historical events or entities, called entry points, are identified that led us to a humanistic school system. Each entry point has a unique prayer strategy that targets the root causes of humanism in our schools. This book is for anyone who wants to see reformation in America’s schools.

Many people want to see changes in our schools but lack the knowledge on how to pray for change!

Safety Zone is a tool in your hands a prayer guide for schools that will help you pray powerful prayers for your school.

Join the author on an autobiographical international journey involving mystery, political intrigue and potential danger to us all Watch this once mild-mannered school teacher trying to make good on an innocent commitment, as she unravels the mystery of missing ocean containers full of humanitarian aid and ends up in the offices of US officials, working with ambassadors, and testifying before the United Nations

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In the face of tragedy, one of the greatest acts of faith is offering a simple prayer for a child, teen, or young adult you have never seen, in a land where you have never been. Carefully researched profiles of sixty-six nations will guide you to a new level of awareness and targeted intercession by breaking down these huge problems into prayers that can be prayed in a few moments – prayers that can change the course of a nation.