The educational system in our country needs help. Every day the violence runs like a ticker tape on our news outlets of murders of teachers by students, murders of students by students, rape by teachers, violence in the classroom, etc. There seems to be no end and nothing that can be done about the quandary in which we find ourselves. Test scores may edge up a bit but then they plummet especially in low income areas. Do we need more money to provide improved classrooms, higher qualified teachers, well-trained security staff? The answers vary depending on whom one might ask.

As intercessors we know that when a person cannot grasp help no matter how many lifelines are thrown to him, the answer is not in another lifeline. The answer comes when the strongman over that person is identified, dealt with and cast out. The same holds true for our educational system. There is a need to identify the idolatrous roots that have held evil in place over our educational system, bind the strongman and cast him out. It will demand intercessors who know who they are in Christ, who are familiar with the educational system and who are willing to step forward in a developed prayer strategy to redeem the American educational system.

Ultimately Baal is the strongman. Baal is worshiped when people put their trust in their own knowledge and exclude the Spirit of the Living God. Through the ages Baal has come forth in different forms. The Greeks embraced the spirit of Baal when they exalted knowledge and reasoning above the Spirit of God. The next major historical diffusion of the worship of knowledge apart from God was in the period of the Enlightenment that grew through the small meetings in salons in Europe in the 18th century. America’s early educators embraced the ideas of the Enlightenment and wanted education separated from the church and from all vestiges of Christianity. Today we have the result of an educational system that is failing because it has embraced learning apart from the Spiritual Knowledge that God intended for us to experience.

Join us as we embark on an adventure in the realm of the Spirit to see God work in American educational system.