Our mission is to go where few venture to go to share the love of God, to help meet the physical and educational needs of children and their parents, where they are underserved.

As President of TCI, Nancy began working in 1999 going into war zones where large portions of the people were refugees.

What is our mission? We take on issues where people are displaced and in turmoil because of political upheaval. We endeavor to work with the local population to see that the physical, mental and spiritual needs are met. Our desire is to see that families and children have as much of a normal life as possible even in some of the most deplorable circumstances imaginable. We pray that their circumstances will be changed but are willing to work for the good of the children in whatever situation in which they find themselves. Our goal is to go places where no one else will go, or has gone, and to share the love of Jesus with the people. Through the years we have been faithful to that mission to help children.

How do we do it? TCI starts by identifying a need that can be met either by TCI’s

Albania: TCI was there are tens of thousands of Kosovar refugees flooded across the border into Algeria. TCI provided children’s programs for the children in the refugee camps to give them a relief from the devastation of having lost family members and their homes.

 Kosovo: Tens of thousands of refugees sought refuge in the neighbor country Macedonia. Refugee camps were set up to handle the large of exodus. The Kosovar children, stranded in the camps, had no place to go or nothing with which to play. TCI provided games, toys and activities to teach the children and give them constructive activities while in the middle of a war torn situation.

Turkey: In 1999, Turkey was devastated by a massive earthquake. TCI in cooperation with International Health Services Foundation, provided activities for the children while their parents attended trauma classes or waited in line for medical attention.

North Sudan: In a refugee camp on the edge of Khartoum, Sudan, thousands of Sudanese refugees live in tents. The roads in front of these tents are muddy and most of the year barely passable. TCI visited the area, conducted services and purchased a tent for a pastor in North Sudan so he would have a place to hold services for his congregation.

South Sudan:  Devastated by frequent bombing of civilians, South Sudan has endured years of an on-going civil war, in which only one side has significant weapons. Children have learned to run and hide when they hear planes fly overhead. TCI provided outreach programs for the children of South Sudan and delivered medical supplies to a hospital in a remote area of South Sudan.

Egypt: The Sudanese have sought refuge over the past thirty years in Egypt, which for many of those years had an “open door” policy for those fleeing the persecution and starvation in their native country of Sudan. Twenty years ago, that all changed and the Sudanese were required to have visas. The result was that many Sudanese could not afford the cost of an Egyptian visa, so they remained in Egypt as displaced people. They were denied many of the amenities that Egyptian residents were afforded, one of which was public education for their children. Teach the Children helped to start a tuition-free school for Sudanese refugees. The school gives the children a quality education in their own neighborhood.

Israel: After visiting the village of Givon Ha-Chadasha and seeing first hand that the children in the community had no safe place to play. TCI built a safe playground in the middle of the city for the children to play.

 South Korea: Strong on Education Teach the Children assisted International Health Services Foundation in teaching children’s programs in relationship to disaster preparedness in the country of South Korea.

Indonesia: Teach the Children visited Indonesia and worked with the local prayer network to initiate prayer. Indonesian children were encouraged to pray and the adults were taught to pray for Indonesia and in particular for the children on Indonesia

Russia: After the Communist regime in Russia fell, TCI was there to help establish a church among Believers in the country by teaching in Victory Bible Institute.

North Korea: After the tremendous floods that killed thousands of people in North Korea in 2004-2005, TCI sent a container of medical equipment and medications to help relieve the suffering of the North Koreans.

Honduras: TCI sent a container of wheelchairs to a handicapped center in Honduras.

Algeria: TCI facilitated the sending of over 30 ocean-going containers of humanitarian aid to the Sahrawi people who live in the refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria.

Morocco: TCI in cooperation with Buckner International, sent a container of shoes and medical equipment to the people of Morocco.

TCI, in response to a request from the Governor of one of the southern provinces of Morocco, conducted a series of seminars on Conflict Resolution and Ethics. The seminars were well received and some of the content can be viewed on TCI’s web site.

Malaysia: Strategically located in the Pacific Rim, Malaysia

United States: Teach the Children sponsored “Take a Walk that Will Change Eternity” –a call to Believers to pray at school sites in their local neighborhoods. Along with the prayer initiatives were city-wide call to prayer meetings with special speakers like Meth Nimo, the mother of Rachel Scott who was slain in the Columbine School shooting and William  Murray O’Hair, son of atheist Madeline Murray O’Hair.

Teach the Children International is a 501(c) humanitarian organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.