Teach The Children International

Teach the Children works with children at risk with the express purpose of implementing programs that will enhance the quality of life for these children.

By providing humanitarian aid, medical assistance, educational opportunities, as well as social, spiritual and economic programs for children and their families.


Teach the Children International exists to:

  • To bring awareness to ministries, governments and secular organizations the plight of those who cannot speak up for themselves and who have no advocate in their plight for justice and religious freedom and thereby give those organizations an opportunity to implement programs for the good of the people.
  • To create on-site programs where a variety of organizations (secular and religious) can network for implementation in their efforts to reach out to those in need. Thereby creating a synergy for problem solving and development of programs that will build networks and relationships.
  • To share opportunities and contacts with others and enable them to accomplish more than any one organization could do alone.
  • To work closely with those in governmental leadership to provide programs for children and their families that are on their heart. This will build good-will and better relationships between leaders and nations.
  • To work in full compliance with governments and still maintain integrity and identity as as personal followers of Jesus.


Teach the Children is dedicated to enriching the lives of children throughout the world through education, humanitarian aid, medical programs and prayer.

We believe that every child his a gift from God and has a right to a full and happy life with opportunities that will train that child to be compassionate and love. Every child should experience the love of God in an profound way that will enable him/her to impact the world for good.