Teach the Children in Morocco


Since 2005, Teach the Children has worked with Morocco to assist the Sahrawi who are returning to their homeland.  Thousands of Sahrawis who have lived in the Tindouf, Algeria camps over the past 37 years are returning to Southern Morocco and are in need of assistance to make theirresettlement as seamlessly as possible. For years, the region has been unsettled because of the political situation, help is needed. The world needs to know, not only what has kept this people group from returning home, but also how to assist them in their struggles to exist in a civil society.


Teach the Children networks with a number of humanitarian aid organizations who have resources and who are willing to assist the Sahrawis living in Southern Morocco. These organizations are willing to help the Sahrawis in any way possible to alleviate the severe needs that exist as the Sahrawis return to their homeland.

In February 2009, Nancy met with the Moroccan Ambassador Aziz Mekouar and the CEO of Buckner International, Dr. Ken Hall, as well as with Jerry and Denise Dillon to discuss possible programs that Buckner could bring to assist the people of Morocco.


  • Possible Programs:
  • – Teaching English as a Second Language
  • – Business Development
  • – Medical Clinics
  • – Medical Equipment
  • – Conflict Resolution Seminars